Quote Me - S4 E3 Amy Smith

 Amy Smith is a Catholic journalist who works for EWTN's National Catholic Register. Amy is the features editor for the Register and is also the author of The Plans God Has for You: Hopeful Lessons for Young Women, based on her favorite Scripture, Jeremiah 29:11. She loves Mother Mary and our friends the saints, and enjoys rereading Jane Austen novels and baking scones, when she isn't editing or writing. She loves flowers and coffee, too.


Amy’s quote comes from Jane Austen’s novel, Sense and Sensibility (though we talk about more novels than that one!): 


“She had an excellent heart.” 


You can find Amy at NCRegister.com, where she blogs about books and saints. Find her on Instagram, @hopefulwordsmith.

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Until next time, God bless you!


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