Quote Me - S4 E13 Claudia Cangilla McAdam

 Season Four comes to an end with a delightful interview with Claudia Cangilla McAdama Catholic award-winning author of books for kids and teens. She has an undergraduate degree in English, is a graduate of the Denver Catholic Biblical School, and obtained her master’s degree in theology from the Augustine Institute in Denver. She has authored two dozen books, and her faith-based titles, ranging from picture books to young adult novels, explore the virtues, build character, and deepen faith. Her most recent work is the Biblical historical fiction novel, Beckoning, published by Our Sunday Visitor. Through her books, Claudia hopes that young readers come to learn, love, and live the Catholic faith.


Claudia’s quote comes from Michelangelo in 1562 (when he was eighty-seven years old!):


"Ancora imparo. (I am still learning.)”


Connect with Claudia at her website, www.ClaudiaMcAdam.com, and grab copies of her latest books at the links below.



The Real Presence

Louie’s Lent


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