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Quote Me - S4 E2 Clara Davidson

  If you know Lindsay in real life, you know how much she loves the products and programs at  Holy Heroes . Today she has the pleasure of speaking with Clara Davison, one of the original  Holy Heroes  Guides. After college, Clara returned to work as the Brand Manager for Holy Heroes, running the current online adventures and creating new ones. She has been married since 2018 and welcomed her first daughter this summer.    Clara’s quote comes from Laura Vanderkam’s book,  I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time :   "How we live our hours is how we live our lives."    Click over to  to get on their email list so you can sign up for their newest online program, My Path to Heaven Family Retreat. You can also find Holy Heroes on Instagram,  @holyheroes .    To suggest a quote or a guest, follow the show on Instagram,  @quoteme_podcast , or contact Lindsay at her website, .   If you enjoyed this episode, plea

Quote Me - S4 Ep 1 Nicole M. Caruso

  Nicole M. Caruso is the author of Worthy of Wearing: How Personal Style Expresses Our Feminine Genius (Sophia Institute Press). She is also a professional makeup artist and beauty consultant, former beauty editor, and homeschooling mother of three. Nicole’s mission is to inspire women to invest in their self-worth with her movement #worthyofwearing. She wants women to live an integrated life where faith and style meet. On her website, , she shares expert style and beauty advice, tips on healthy living, and reflections on marriage and motherhood.  She helps us kick off Season Four with an oft-quoted line from Doctor of the Church St. Augustine: “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Listen in for wisdom on the truth that you are worthy of recognizing your God-given beauty.   Find Nicole and her work at and . Connect with her on social media, too: @nmcaruso and @worthyofwearing . To suggest a quote or a guest, follo