Quote Me - S4 E12 Kelly Guest

 We’re happy to welcome Kelly Guest to the show! 


Kelly has been blessed with many opportunities to share God's love. She was a Dominican Sister of St. Cecilia in Nashville, TN for five years, a middle school social studies teacher, an education coordinator for a Catholic Charities program for pregnant teens, and a Director of Religious Education. Currently she is a youth minister for her home parish of St. Bartholomew's, and a mommy blogger at CatholicMom.com and at her own website, nun2nine.com. Her greatest opportunity (and challenge), though, is being the mother of nine wonderful children and the wife to one great guy. She has also been blessed by God to be the author of Saintly Moms: 25 Stories of Holiness, published by Our Sunday Visitor.


Her quote comes from Pope Francis, in Gaudete et Exsultate.


"Do not be afraid of holiness. It will take away none of your energy, vitality, or joy. On the contrary, you will become what the Father had in mind when he created you, and you will be faithful to your deepest self." 


Connect with Kelly on her website, nun2nine.com, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Kelly Guest on Facebook; @nun2nine on Twitter and Instagram


Make sure to grab your copy of Saintly Moms: 25 Stories of Holiness! Each chapter is a quick and encouraging read. 


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Until next time, God bless you! 


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