S3 E18 Kimberly Hahn

We are overjoyed to welcome Kimberly Hahn, wife of Scott, mom of six, and nana to twenty. Kimberly serves as Council-at-Large in Steubenville, OH, and is the host of the podcast Beloved and Blessed with Kimberly Hahn and the author of the newly re-released, Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom For the Homemakers Heart.

Kimberly’s quote comes from her mother, Patricia Kirk.

"Homemaking is about relationships."

Subscribe to Kimberly’s podcast at belovedandblessed.com or listen in on EWTN radio. Grab a copy of her newly re-released book, part of a four-volume studay and now published with Emmaus Road Publishing, here.

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Until next time, God bless you!


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